Follow theses steps and learn how to claim your Godlys.GG order!

Once you place an order, you will face the order receipt page where you will find the CLAIM ORDER button.

Click the button and it will redirect you to a page that will show you the items you've purchased and ask you to confirm.

Once you proceed, you'll have to search for your roblox username that you will use to claim your order in-game, please use your username and not display name.

After selecting your account, you will have to friend our bot to be able to join the private server in Murder Mystery 2.

Once you friended our bot click next and join the private server where the bot is waiting for you in.

After loading into the game you must jump twice to receive a trade, after receiving a trade request accept it and accept the trade, if it has more than 4 items the bot will keep sending you more trade requests until you receive it all.


Thank you for using Godlys.GG

Contact us at contact@godlys.gg if you need help!